In 2016 I published the book - "On The Nature And Origin Of Time, Space, Gravity And Reality." The book is written in a metaphysical format as a comprehensive attempt to explain the role that dark energy may have in the universe and in our reality as well a revealing how this hybrid system of physics could possibly unify the small-scale and the large-scale together within a single theory of everything.

Since then I’ve written two essays. One titled "The role of dark energy in the wave function, wave-particle duality, the measurement problem, the Lorentz transformation, and reality." This essay is a continuation of some of the hypotheses that are discussed within the book, with a brief explanation of each hypotheses included in the essay. This essay also includes topics that are not in the book. The other essay is titled "Dark energy and the paranormal."
Please find these two essays on this site, and I welcome your input as well as any thoughts that you may have on these topics.