In 2016 I published the book - "On The Nature And Origin Of Time, Space, Gravity And Reality."   The book is written in a metaphysical format as a comprehensive attempt to explain the role that dark energy plays in the creation of the universe and of our reality, as proposed by the two spectrums of energy hypothesis and the reallusion hypothesis. The book describes a new, innovative hybrid system of physics, involving electromagnetic energy and dark energy working together in the creation of matter, space and time. If this system of physics is proven to be relevant to nature, it would explain the physics that are at play in causing the measurement problem, as well as creating the foundation for a system of physics that could unify the small-scale and the large-scale together, within a single theory of everything. These two hypotheses were carried forward into my second book; "The Four States Of Reality.

At the time that I wrote this book, even though I was aware that these two hypotheses would function best within a simulated reality, I was not ready to delve into what I felt would likely lead me down a path of intellectual abys, caused by such a counterintuitive proposal, that reality is a simulation. I knew that there was not enough experimental evidence to support what would seem to be farfetched by most readers, even though quantum research had revealed that, observation, or even just the creation of certain quantum level information about a quantum particle, that makes it possible for an observer to gain the knowledge, irrespective whether or not any observer within the universe gains the knowledge, will effect the behavior of the particle. Although this does not reveal the physics that are causing the quantum particle's behavior to be mediated by what is possible for an observer to know about the particle, or why this phenomenon occurs; it does suggest that the universe somehow knows, what information about a quantum particle has been made possible for a conscious observer to know, and the particle's behavior will be adjusted accordingly. This suggests that fundamentally, knowledge is the central theme, guiding the physics between the universe and our reality of it, which infers that the universe was created to be observed. With this being said, when I wrote my first book, I was not ready to take the leap into believing that the universe had no presence of expression, external to our perspective.

The main topics of focus of my first book are on the creation of matter, space, time and gravity, from within the physics of the two spectrums of energy interpretation, rather than on the creation of reality. With regard to the differences between the physics involved in the creation of reality as proposed in each book; is that in my first book, consciousness is proposed to be created within an undefined dimensionality that is separate from the universe and our physical selves, as it interfaces with our brain; as our brain, like the universe and the rest of our physical essence, are all part of a two-dimensional, holographic-like projection that consciousness perceives, from within the interconnection. To the contrary, "The Four States Of Reality" proposes that consciousness is created within the quantum level of our brain, which actually functions within a higher plane of order than the cellular level of our brain, because the cellular level of our brain, as is the rest of our physical essence and the universe, functions within the QTF data-state. Thus, consciousness is proposed to function within a different dimensionality from that of the universe and our own physical essence, within each book.

By the time I began writing my second book, I had already come to the conclusion that no matter how counterintuitive it may seem; it actually made sense that reality is in fact, a simulation that is directly simulated into our consciousness. I have come to this conclusion, based on quantum research, and because of what is proposed within the reallusion hypothesis and the two spectrums of energy hypothesis, as they are each explained in the "Four States Of Reality".

Even though these two books propose two different models of how the universe exists and how our reality is created, there are many chapters in my first book that are relevant to what is being proposed in the Four States Of Reality, but were not included in it. One example of this is in the physics that cause momentum, kinetic energy, inertia, and mass to be expressed within a universe that is fundamentally a two-dimensional projection in the absence of our conscious perspective. This explanation has just as much relevance within a universe that is perceived by being simulated directly into consciousness. Each model proposes that the universe consists of data, prior to being converted into our reality via our stream of consciousness, except the data functions differently and is different within each model. My first book also has a chapter devoted to the physics that are causing the accelerated expansion of the universe in accordance with the two spectrums of energy hypothesis. Another chapter in my first book goes into great detail in defining how all the celestial objects in the universe, (as they exist as multi atomic systems-of matter); interact together within the properties of gravity and motion.

I recommend that anyone who enjoys "the Four States Of Reality," also read - "On The Nature Of Time, Space, Gravity and Realty," for there are chapters in it that also pertain to what is being proposed in the Four States Of Reality, but were not included.